Puddles Not Muddles Counselling offers traditional talking therapy alongside Equine Facilitated Learning/Therapy, Animal Assisted Therapy, Eco Therapy and Creative Arts Therapy.

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What We Do

Puddles Not Muddles offer high quality therapy for adults and children. 

What is Counselling

Counselling is a process in which the client and counsellor work together to build a relationship which is honest, transparent and trustworthy, Within this the client can start their journey of discovery and change.

Counselling provides a unique space to help the client achieve positive self-esteem, learn to look after their well being in a healthy way, break patterns of self-destructive behavior and much more.

Animal Assisted Therapy, Equine Facilitated Therapy.

Animals have been human’s therapists for generations, some types of animals have a natural ability to provide love, care and comfort in our times of need.

There is a sense of wonder and wellbeing when we cross paths, and somehow if we are tuned into them they know just what we need even if we don’t.

Working with a counsellor and animal either via observation of their behaviour or by taking part in an activity can enhance our awareness and consciousness to help achieve a healthy mind a sense of purpose and help us feel grounded. 

Eco Therapy

We live in this world and do not often stop to think about its beauty and how we live alongside the land and sea. It keeps us fed and watered, provides us with shelter and warmth. Eco Therapy helps explore our relationship with nature and with our self. Being in nature can help us find ways of coping with depression, anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed.

Workshops and Training

Puddles Not Muddles offer workshops and training as part of professional development for counsellers, teachers, social workers and any other professional who feels this would inform and enhance their work. Please take a look at our training  page for what coming up and our contact form should you wish to discuss a bespoke package for your organisation.

My morning!

Join us for our "My Morning" group and enjoy the rare opportunity of just being in the moment, having time for yourself, develop your sense of well being and mindfulness.  A maximum of 6 participants, these sessions can be a one off experience. Mindfulness and meditation can be self led or we can give you some ideas an support if you are new to this experience. Take a look on our groups and workshop page for dates or if there is a group of you who want to have a go get in contact.


Our Mission Statement

Puddles Not Muddles provides an inclusive and accessible counselling service for adults and children in our local and wider community. We create a safe, secure and welcoming space in which our clients can receive therapeutic counselling. We are creative and open-minded to our work, are ethical and informed about new practices.

Puddles Not Muddles values the environment and animal welfare, we work hard to provide a caring home for our therapeutic animals and the wildlife which surrounds us. In turn we are grateful for the opportunity of working with these animals to help our clients with their therapeutic journey.