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The Sheep

Beatrice, Lola, Grace and Bonnie our sheep, they are very friendly and are happy to help clients. They are great for activities like herding and assault courses which can help with communication and cognitive thinking. The sheep really like children, they are gentle and a good alternative to horses in therapy for those who are a little unsure.


Henry is our Kune Kune pig, we have no idea how old he is and he is a bit of a star. He was found wandering the streets in March 2018, it was freezing cold, after several hours of police and local residents trying to find an owner and with all the rescue centres full we took him to our yard for the night. The following few days involved many calls and  hoops to jump through and Henry finally became ours, And what a character he is, he makes us laugh each day, he loves attention and a scratch, we are very lucky to have him.


Bella came to us for the summer of 2018, she was owner by a friend and she was up for sale, however Bella has some quirks and this was proving hard to do. She is a fantastic therapy pony and after being part of some of our workshops in the summer we brought her to join our team of ponies. She is very safe, really likes children and is very expressive in her body language. She is also in charge of the field and keeps order in the herd.


Pip is our rabbit, she is very gentle and has the most amazing fur, Shes happy to be petted and will quite happily hop about next to you on the sofa.