Our Animals

When we can we adopt our animals from charities like RSPCA and Cats Protection League by doing so we can offer a loving home for life and give love and care where once there was cruelty and neglect. Below are a few of our horses and other animals and their stories.


Age 13

Bella has been with us since June 2018.  Bella was a ridden pony who had decided she didn't want to do that anymore, as a result she had got quite grumpy. However now  she can just potter about doing her thing she has had a new lease of life, she is an amazing therapy pony for our younger clients and gives the best hugs, she enjoys quiet hacks twice a week with her young person and is boss of the yard.


Age 6

Dixon came from RSPCA and we fostered him for the first year. Dixon had suffered some major trauma before he came to us at 6 months old with Sid. He underwent abdominal surgery in 2016 and since then has gone from strength to strength. And what a character he is, he lets us know what he wants and if he doesn't want something lets us know that too. Hes totally chilled and in moments when he needs some fun will wind up Shane and test his good nature. He can be quite human and you can almost hear him telling the others when somethings not a good plan.


Age 6

Sid was adopted age 6 months  and he is a firm favourite with staff and clients, Sid has a big personality and a boyish charm that is irresistible. Sid was born at RSPCA his mum had been rescued with his brother. Sid was born on 12th May 2015, thankfully he has only know care and love. Sid will follow us around the field happy to be part of whatever we are doing. As it turns out Sid has some issues with his tummy which can make him quite unwell, he is on a special diet and great care needs to be taken when preparing feeds. But its managed well and does not cause him much of a problem, he needs lots of exercise and he responds well to calm gentle handling.  Sid has just started his training to become a ridden pony.


Age 8

Since she has arrived Sam has helped many clients she has a gentle soul and is kind and giving, she is happy to have a hug and to give one back. Sam has proved herself to be an excellent therapy pony.

Sam came to us in May 2018 from the RSPCA she had been part of a rescue of around 60 horses because pf neglect. She has had lots of rest and TLC and has improved a great deal. Sam is now ridden and is progressing well. 


Age 3

Nothing worries Ash, he is a super confident youngster, he has absolutely no boundaries at all. He is safe and clever, he wants to be with us all the time and is a great favourite in the herd. Because of his age he doesn't work with clients very often, but he's fascinating to watch and can give us good insight into our own relationships and the boundaries within them.


Age 3

Lola is exactly the same age as Ash and like him rarely works directly with clients. She is a totally different character to Ash. She is gentle and kind but can push boundaries in the herd which cause conflict. Again fascinating to watch how this little horse family sort out their differences and live a settled life together and great learning for us to watch this process.